Offer to Serve

Offer to serve is at its core this is an opportunity for you a business owner to sit down with a brand designer and ask questions about branding and marketing, to share the challenges you face as a business, and to gain insights on how we make your business better.

All information shared is confidential, all I ask for is your time and for an open-mind to invest in your business. There is no financial requirements or expectations to work with me. I simply want to get to know you, and discover opportunities for your business to make meaningful impressions.

To schedule your 3 sessions, just fill out the form, and we’ll get you setup. At the end of our conversations you will receive a discovery document that outlines key points of our discussion and recommendations on how to best overcome your challenges.


10 + 3 =

Who is this for?
  • For new business owners I help you explore and understand what is needed to begin building a successful brand.
  • For seasoned business owners understand what is needed to build a brand and to discover missing opportunities in their business to further the effectiveness of their current brand.
Can we meet online?

How long are the sessions can I do it over Skype? 30 minutes, phone, Skype, hangout, in-person

What will this cost me?
Why are you doing this?

I believe in the power of community, and in giving back where I can. Many businesses get lost and spend lots of money, and waste a lot of time trying to figure how best brand and market themselves. Branding is what I do, so if i can help save you time and money by having a few conversations with you, why not! Plus, the more I learn and understand the people we work with (business owners like yourself) the better we get as a company and in our ability to serve.

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